Opening 6th april 2020

Course pour l'océan

Amount of registration : 32 €

Included : participation, transfer in bus to the departure, le transfers of equipment + 2€ redistribute to « Ocean as commun » association

No  Refund  of  the  amount of  the  registration  will  be  made  in  case  of withdrawal of a competitor.

Every competitor have to be the holder of a valid licence from his Federation and be up to date with  his medicals obligatory or they have a medical certificate no contre-indicate dating back less than 6 month.

For the minors, the legal representative will have to sign a parental permission. (doc to download at the enrolment)

The concurrents under 12 years aren’t authorised to enrol.


Every competitor attest to be able to swim.

Competitors will be able to register with the board of their choice. No rower may register with a board less than 10 feet long10 pieds.